Alright, we’ve successfully made the swap from jekyll and github pages to a new theme/platform entirely!


My old jekyll theme was fantastic, but it hadn’t been updated in a while, and honestly I wanted a few features. Namily the ability to tag my posts, and site navigation. I ended up stumbling on Urara. It’s a really nice theme, has a lot of cool and useful parts to it, and it’s easy to setup/customize.


Moving off my old jekyll github page was pretty easy. Urara is setup to be easy to deploy with something like Vercel, which is what I ended up using. It was basically a single button press to clone the repository, deploy it, and even point my domain at it.

What now

So now I’m all setup, I’ve been working on modifying the page to better suite my needs and wants. You’ll notice how there are only two navigation options at the top:

  • Projects
  • About Me

There isn’t anything there right now, I still have to do some writing up for some old projects I’ve worked on/projects I’m currently working on. Same with the About Me.
But I intend to start filling things in on a daily basis, at-least there be a daily post talking about something interesting in tech, braindumping about some topic I’ve been reading up about, or just some updates about a new language/tech I’m learning.